monarch mini 5 cartridges no nozzle

MONARCH MINI™ is a brand new innovative range of sealants, fillers, adhesives and accessories for the sealant market. This new range of products brings a much easier way to apply sealants or adhesives compared with using traditional products.

The Monarch Mini’s unique and compact sealant cartridge features a shorter length and a smaller diameter, making it easier to control and apply. Reaching into tight spaces where conventional caulking guns can’t, Monarch Mini's lightweight and superior handling make it more practical and easy to use.

In addition to the Monarch Mini™ cartridge range are nozzles and caulking guns, which capitalise on the shorter cartridge and increase the places where it can be used. Filled with only premium quality materials, the Monarch Mini™ range is suited to both the DIY market and sections of the trade market, making Monarch Mini™ a very versatile option.


Good Design® Selection Award

The range of Monarch Mini™ cartridges & compact caulking gun has been awarded with a Good Design® Selection Award.

The Good Design® Awards are Australia’s oldest and most prestigious award for design and innovation with its origins dating back to 1958. The Awards showcase superior examples of good design across a broad range of industries and design disciplines.

To qualify for the Good Design® Selection, entries must satisfy the stringent criteria for good design that includes factors such as safety, quality, functionality, sustainability and innovation. The Good Design® Awards conducts one of the most rigorous assessment processes in the world and to qualify for this round is a significant achievement.

Dr Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia said. “I’m very pleased that the Monarch Mini™ range has gone on to this stage of the Good Design Awards, it is a testament to the hard work the designers have put in to bring this project to market”.

The Judges commented: “The Monarch Mini™ range displays clever design resulting in a beautifully resolved product with exceptional functional and ergonomic considerations. It is a great example of good design adding value to a very competitive and saturated market.”


monarch mini rotating nozzle

The new mini sized cartridge is not just a “cut in half version” of an original sealant cartridge. The unique and compact Monarch Mini™ sealant cartridge has many benefits that improve on tradition, and offer a straightforward way to apply sealants and adhesives. The two primary benefits over the traditional size cartridge are a reduction in waste, with less unused or dried out contents remaining in the cartridge, and a compact design making the end product lighter and easier to use.

Reaching into tight or restricted spaces, where conventional caulking guns are too big, is a lot simpler with the smaller diameter and compact cartridge. Monarch Mini™ also requires less effort to dispense and squeeze out the sealant, and suits a wide range of end users.

Opening a Monarch Mini™ cartridge is safe and hassle free with the new “quick open” twist top. An innovative square end on the cartridge is designed to “twist off” via the square socket in a Monarch caulking gun, avoiding the need for dangerous utility knifes.

Accompanying the new caulking gun and cartridge combination is Monarch’s Rotatable Sealant Nozzle. If you’re a renovator, tradesman or handyman, you will welcome this improvement next time you tackle a difficult sealant project. Using a 360° rotating tip, the Rotating Nozzle can reach all those tight spaces where sealant is needed. The nozzle fits both standard and mini sized cartridges!


monarch mini caulking gun innovation

The Monarch Mini Compact Caulking Gun goes hand in hand with our mini size cartridge.

The compact gun utilises the innovative Monarch flange to secure the mini cartridge to the caulking gun eliminating the traditional bulky cradle that holds the sealant cartridge. The quick connecting locking nut simply slides over the mini cartridge and screws back to the gun as a secure clamp.

The lightweight system is easy to use and allows improved access to tight spaces.


monarch mini gun comparison

Monarch Mini™ sealant cartridges have been specifically developed to improve the process of applying sealants and adhesives. Not every project needs a full size gun and cartridge, so to accommodate this, Monarch has created a small volume cartridge and a range of compact dispensers.

Benefits of Monarch Mini cartridge vs Standard 9” cartridge:

    • Quick Open Top: Twist open without using a knife (it can also be cut open in the conventional way if required)
    • Usage Gauge: Monitor your application to know how much you've used
    • Smaller Volume: More suited to common jobs with less waste
    • Short Length: Better access to tight and difficult spaces
    • Lightweight: Easy to use and control
    • Monarch Flange: Connect via the bottom edge, eliminating common obstructions from a traditional gun